Whistler Maps & Landscape


Whistler (Photo by Tim in Sydney)

A mountain resort in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Whistler is north about 120 kilometres from Vancouver. Whistler Valley is surrounded by some of the best ski slopes in the country.

Maps of Whistler

Good maps of this resort town will show the motorways in the village as well as those into and out of the region. Significant landmarks may also be noted. Topographical maps reveal mountain lines and curves.

Geographic Features of Whistler’s Landscape

Rivers – The Cheakamus and the Green Rivers run through the Whistler Valley. The Cheakamus River starts at Outler Peak and flows on through lakes and ravines to the Squamish River. The Green River begins its journey at the Green Lake and joins the Lilloette River in about 20 kilometres.

Mountains – The Coast Mountains around the town have world-class ski slopes, and they include some of the Pacific Ranges as well as the Garibaldi Ranges. The highest peaks are glaciers.

Lakes – Near the village are located some beautiful lakes like Alta, Green and Lost Lakes. The lakes have beaches and no jutting rocks.

Strait of Georgia – The Squamish River empties into Howe Sound, and the sound opens into the Strait of Georgia about 60 kilometres from Whistler. The strait is the largest body of water near Whistler, leading to Vancouver and the Pacific Ocean.

Whistler Valley – The town of Whistler is in the Whistler Valley with its rivers running through it. Overhead, mighty mountains like Blackcomb and Whistler stand tall.

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