Vancouver Tours

Vancouver Tours

Vancouver Tours (Photo by justinfj)

Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the world’s beautiful cities sitting between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains. The natural wilderness surrounding the city call people outdoors and the restaurants, theatres and sports venues provide world-class culture indoors. When visiting the region, incredible Vancouver tours of its greater metropolitan area are available.

Boat Cruises

Harbour boat cruises are perfect day or night. One of the quintessential Vancouver treats is a tour by boat.

Coach Tours

For day trips through Vancouver or driving to Victoria and Tofino, coach tours are ideal. Then, drives through a portion of the Rocky Mountains are also provided. Passengers can leave the driving and itinerary up to the driver and organizers.

Cycling Trips

People can choose bike hire for eco-friendly transport in the city. They can also take a cycling trip with enthusiastic guides who lead them on easy tracks to see the best of Vancouver with its scenery, history and cuisines.

Seaplane Flights

Seeing the west coast from a plane with a friendly guide relating stories and interesting information is a wonderful experience. Tours seeing the entire region in an afternoon from a birds’ eye view is absolutely thrilling.

Walking Tours

Friendly guides who love their city lead walking tours in Vancouver. They soon become friends with their guests whilst they entertain them with informative stories of the history and culture of the area. These walking tours can take in the downtown district and the waterfront. Themed tours like food or shopping are also offered.

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