Vancouver Maps & Landscape

Vancouver Maps and Landscape

Vancouver Maps and Landscape (Photo by ashraful kadir)

Situated on the coast of the south-west corner of British Columbia in Canada, Vancouver is a scenic metropolis with stunning coastline and mighty mountains in view. Maps of Vancouver Good maps of Vancouver reveal its carefully planned streets and motorways, whilst area maps show the Strait of Georgia and the rivers dividing land masses and neighbouring cities. Maps showing the topography give an idea of the flatness of the coastal plain where the city resides and the contours of the surrounding mountains. Visitors to the metropolis should have an up-dated map of the city with them so they can refer to it at will as they tour Vancouver.

Geographic Features of Vancouver’s Landscape Burrard Peninsula

Connected to the south-west corner of British Columbia’s mainland and jutting out into the Strait of Georgia, the Burrard Peninsula on which Vancouver sits has the Fraser River on the south side and the Burrard Inlet on its north side.

Fraser River – British Columbia’s longest river, the Fraser River begins near Mount Robson and ends after flowing past the Burrard Peninsula into the Strait of Georgia.

Pacific Ranges – The Pacific Ranges are a part of the Coast Mountains that form a backdrop north and east of Vancouver.

Vancouver Island – Largest of many islands along the coast of south-western British Columbia, Vancouver Island faces the city of Vancouver across the Strait of Georgia.

Strait of Georgia – The strait is the secluded body of water between mainland British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

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