Vancouver Attractions

Vancouver Attractions

Vancouver Attractions (Photo by LaPrimaDonna)

Huge and contemporary in the scenic south-west corner of British Columbia, Vancouver is in the Coast Mountains. This seaport city, loved by residents and visitors, was started as a basic settlement in the mid-1800s with a sawmill. The coastal weather is mild, but winters are rainy. The city has much to offer and here are five of traveller’s favourite Vancouver attractions:

Granville Island

An excellent place for sightseeing rain or shine, Granville Island has a waterfront, areas for leisurely walks, boutique shops, cafes and restaurants. Kayaks and other watercraft can be rented for exploring the waters.

Grouse Mountain

Only about a fifteen minute drive from downtown Vancouver, Grouse Mountain is superb for skiing, snowshoeing, riding the zip-line, and peaceful strolls. Cafes and lookouts are wonderful spots to relax and appreciate the surroundings.

Museum of Anthropology

On North West Marine Drive, this fascinating museum is on the University of British Columbia’s campus. A venue with different collections including a mask exhibit explores early civilizations of North America, Asia and other continents.

Sea to Sky Highway

Following along from the United State’s border, through West Vancouver and on up to Lillooet and Highway 97, this scenic highway is a fabulous road trip popular for trips to Whistler. This British Columbian two-lane road is also a section of Highway 99.

Stanley Park

Covering 1,000 acres of land, this park provides a place for walks along the Seawall, running paths, recreational facilities, a nature centre and an aquarium. The play areas for children are fantastic.

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