Vancouver Holidays & Travel Guide


Vancouver (Photo by Satoru Kikuchi)

Located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean about 15 miles north of the Unites States border, the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, certainly benefits from its geography. The 3rd largest city in all of Canada, it is easy to see why many consider Vancouver holidays to be the finest vacationing in all of Canada. With a rich and diverse culture and a deep connection to the arts, the city of Vancouver features enough attractions to keep visitors busy for weeks.

Being a coastal city, Vancouver naturally features a bevy of waterfront activities. Sailing, yachting and many nautical tours are available to folks looking to soak up the calm salty seas along the dozens of miles of coastline. World-renowned seafood restaurants dot the water’s edge of False Creek and the English Bay, and the nearby Vancouver Aquarium is home to over 300 species of fish and over 50 species of amphibians and reptiles.

The city is equipped with a efficient system of ferries and public transportation, making it easy to get yourself around town while keeping the costs of doing so very reasonable. Make sure to exchange your money for Canadian Dollars, which you are going to need while perusing Gastown. The popular and quaint shopping district offers homespun wonders and is within walking distance of the Vancouver Harbour.

Vancouver sees it fair share of clouds and rain in the winter, but the average summer temperature is over 22 degrees Celsius, making it the warmest region of Canada.

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