Toronto Tours

Toronto Tours

Toronto Tours (Photo by JamesZ_Flikr)

Canada’s largest city, Toronto is Ontario’s capital, and the metropolis sits on the north-western banks of Lake Ontario. The modern city has the best of culture, communication technology and commerce. Cultural excellence is shown in sports, visual arts and performance arts. Those visiting the urban centre can tour its attractions and those of the surrounding area. Here are five of the top Toronto tours:

City Walks

Exploring the city on foot is good way to become familiar with the downtown area, shopping districts and the Harbourfront. Knowledgeable, amiable guides can show their city and provide a wealth of information.

Cycling Excursions

Biking is an inexpensive form of transportation about the metropolis, and bicycles for hire are available. Cycling tours are also a way to see the highlights of Toronto and learn more about this amazing city.

Food Tours

Food experts lead delightful tours in Toronto. People can enjoy Chef demonstrations, multiple restaurant samplings, and adventures with cultural cuisine. With numerous flavours and superb foods the city is a wonderful place for food touring.

Niagara Falls Adventures

People treat each other to a trip to see Niagara Falls for special occasions and just because one or each of them have always wanted to see this amazing falls. Tour organizers take care of all the details of the tour experience and their guests enjoy the adventure.

Segway Tours

These fun vehicles are easy to drive and plenty of assistance and instruction is offered. Guided tours use Segways to sightsee in Toronto.

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