Toronto Holidays & Travel Guide


Toronto (Photo by ilkerender)

The most populous city in Canada, Toronto holidays offer a wealth of activities and experiences for travellers to enjoy. This famous city is considered the cultural capital of the country, home to universities, a vibrant art scene, a captivating Chinatown, and a large variety of theatrical venues. Additionally, the city boasts a number of parks and gardens and has a great nightlife scene.

While Toronto is full of hidden gems for tourists to discover, here are some of the more popular travel destinations that should be on any traveller’s agenda. First, the Royal Ontario Museum is a must-see. This art gallery and museum has one of the best collections of any museum in North America. Visitors should also see the CN Tower, the tallest building in North America; for a small fee, you can take a glass elevator all the way to the top of the building, where the brave at heart can view the city through the glass floor.

For theater lovers, there are a number of larger theaters as well as smaller, independent theaters to suit any taste. In the summer, Toronto has a Shakespeare festival that is quite popular, featuring free performances in one of the cities largest parks. This is very popular with families. Children will enjoy a day at the well-managed Toronto Zoo, and they might also like a visit to the Ontario Science Center, which has many kid-friendly exhibits. Other sights to see include Toronto’s famous Chinatown, the slightly smaller Little India, and the Kensington Market, home to Toronto’s bohemian and hippie scene.

Travelling to Toronto can be enjoyable year-round; summers are mild and beautiful, and winters have a particular charm as well. Canada’s currency is the Canadian dollar, which is easy to obtain at multiple locations throughout the city.

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