The Perfect Family Escape: Toronto Island Park

One of the most tranquil areas of Toronto, the Toronto Island Park is a peaceful getaway, perfect for a relaxing day with loved ones, amongst a busy holiday schedule. Perfect for families, couples, groups or anybody travelling by themselves, the Toronto Island Park boasts a number of activities, including volleyball, bike tours, water sports and an amusement area; all nestled between the collection of four islands, which make up the park. The main attractions for visitors to Toronto Island Park would have to be the scenic waterfront picnic areas, the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, Franklin Children’s Garden and Centreville, an amusement area for visitors of all ages.

The oldest landmark in Toronto, the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, is truly a sight to be seen with its beacon of light guiding ships into the Toronto Harbour, for more than 150 years. Like most historical buildings, there have been tales of misfortune and intrigue that surround the lighthouse, including the mysterious death of one of the lighthouse keepers in the early 1800s.

The Franklin Children’s Garden is an interactive playground for children and families. Many families will be familiar with the children’s character ‘Franklin the Turtle’, the inspiration for this wondrous garden. There are a number of fun activities that the whole family will enjoy, including the exploration of six different gardens, storytelling and gardening.

Centreville, one of the most popular Toronto attractions, is an amusement guaranteed to provide a fun filled day for the whole family. From flume rides and teacup twirling to antique cars and everything in between, Centreville is the one stop destination for family fun.

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