Niagara Falls Holidays & Travel Guide

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls (Photo by Janine Curry)

Niagara Falls is a city located in Ontario, Canada that is named after the popular tourist attraction. Niagara falls has a population of just over 82000 people and uses the Canadian Dollar as its currency just like the rest of the country. The beautiful weather in the summer and the waterfalls are why Niagara Falls holidays are an enjoyable experience for all.

Due to its location near the water, Niagara Falls has cooler temperatures in every season. This makes the weather in the summer time perfect for travel. The summer months in the city are June, July and August. During this time the average high temperatures for the day will be around 24 or 25°C. The coldest months of the year in Niagara Falls are January and February. The high temperatures will generally be about -1°C every day. Severe snowfall of over 40 cm will also fall in the winter months. This is why it is best to visit Niagara Falls during the summer time.

The two waterfalls are the main attraction in Niagara Falls, and they are located in Queen Victoria Park. In the park there are great views of both waterfalls, Horseshoe Falls and American Falls. During the summer months, there are lights that illuminate the water in the evening. The most popular thing to do for tourists while in Niagara Falls is to take the Maid of the Mist boat tour. The boat takes you on the Niagara River and gets as close as possible to the bottom of the waterfall. This gives everyone a spectacular view of the waterfall that can only be seen from the boat.

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