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Canada Tours

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A vast country covering the top portion of North America, Canada is a wonderful place with a diverse culture and landscape from beaches to mountains, to grassy plains and deserts. Tundra regions lie to the north, and much of its wilderness is untouched. The modern cities are wealthy and high-tech. Those visiting can take Canada tours around its cities, landmarks and wilderness. Here are five of the most popular tours in the country:

Calgary Icefield Flights

Helicopter tours of the icefield are thrilling. The guides educate the passengers while the spectacular scenery passes below them.

Montreal Bike Rides

People can rent bikes to ride around the city or follow an organized cycling excursion. The guides help visitors feel as if Montreal is their home. Those guides help people become familiar with the exciting city.

Ottawa Walking Tours

People can enjoy outdoor exercise, learn the history of the city and get a good overview of Ottawa. Taking walking tours of Canada’s capital city helps people appreciate the culture, government buildings and landmarks of the city.

Toronto Culinary Tours

Food experts lead tours of Toronto’s neighbourhoods and explore the distinctive flavours while sharing the richness of the local cultures. Tours can include cooking demonstrations and visits to a variety of restaurants, shops and markets.

Vancouver Boating

Boating tours cruise Vancouver Island, the wildlife on the archipelago and more. People can book chartered or romantic cruises. The area is beautiful in the daytime and during the evening when the city lights twinkle across the water.

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