Canada Attractions

Canada Attractions

Canada Attractions (Photo by s.yume)

Canada is a vast country that has coastlines and mountains, grassy plains and deserts. The country crosses multiple cultural boundaries and six time zones. History of the land and peoples of Canada as well as modern cities, industry and technology each add treasures to enhance the country. For visitors, sites of interest can be discovered like the following Canada attractions:

Canadian War Museum

Free to the public in Ottawa, the Canadian War Museum provides an experience in historic time travel. Starting with the Vikings and ending with wars and events of the early 2000s, the trip through history is enthralling for young and old.

Heritage Park

One place not to miss in Calgary is the Heritage Park Historical Village. Visitors of all ages will enjoy walking through to see the horses, authentic period buildings, streetcars and antique cars in this park.

Ile aux Lievres

In Quebec, this special island is a popular hiking spot both natural and beautiful. The eco-environment includes a restaurant and cabins fitted with solar panels and other energy conservation devices.

Old Montreal

The old town in Montreal is one of the most charming and intriguing city historic districts in North America located right in downtown Montreal. Besides the historic buildings, the area has street performers, shopping, restaurants and a waterfront.

Toronto Island Park

A wonderful city park consisting of four principle islands with features such as beaches, children’s play areas, a lighthouse, small farm and zoo, and more. Activities change according to seasons, but walking is a favourite.

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