Canada Holidays & Travel Guide


Canada (Photo by palindrome6996)

Travellers who are going on Canada holidays will find things to do all over the country. Places to visit in the eastern part of Canada include Niagara Falls and historic sites in Quebec. Visitors who head towards Canada’s west coast can stop in the province of Alberta and visit Lake Louise. The province of British Columbia with beautiful scenery is on the country’s west coast.

There are several ways to see the Niagara Falls. Visitors can see them from a boat, from a helicopter or from paths and observation rooms in Queen Victoria Park. History lovers will enjoy seeing buildings from the 17th century in Quebec. People who like the outdoors will find plenty to do all year round at Lake Louise. The property around Lake Louise has 4200 acres for skiers to use. Beginner, intermediate and expert skiers will find places to ski here. There are places to hike and camp at Lake Louise during the summer months. There are a variety of natural attractions on Vancouver Island in the province of British Columbia. Visitors will be able to see beaches, lakes, mountains and rainforests.

Canadian dollars are used all over Canada. Different colours are used for the different denominations. The east coast of Canada is cold during the winter. Temperatures can go down to -17 degrees Celsius during January in Quebec. Vancouver Island has warmer temperatures. People from all over the world travel to Canada to see the country’s scenery and historic sites.

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