Banff Tours

Banff Tours

Banff Tours (Photo by Claude Robillard)

Banff is a popular mountain resort in the Rockies of Alberta, Canada. The town is located in the famous and beautiful Banff National Park. The town has lovely resort lodges, top-of-the-line golf courses and ski slopes. Banff and the region has many sites and places to tour and many opportunities for outdoor sports. Here are five of the favourite Banff tours around this amazing resort town:

Columbian Icefield Exploration

Tours of the Columbian Icefield can mean airplane or helicopter flights over the area. The Amazing tours can be drives with close-up treks and climbs. The glaciers, icefield and spectacular scenery are combined with education on the geology behind the phenomena of the Columbian Icefield.

Food Tours

The town of Banff has excellent restaurants, and food experts lead small groups on tours of dining selections for a fun evening getting acquainted with the local people and the restaurants.

Kananaskis River Adventures

Raft adventures down the Kananaskis River include white-water rapids. The thrilling tour of the river with its water action and superb scenery all around is extreme. Guides are experienced professionals and take all proper safety precautions.

Nature and Wildlife Tours

Guides take visitors on treks in the park to find the wildlife. With their knowledge of the habits of local animals in their natural setting, the guides can share interesting information on the flora and fauna of Banff.

Train Trips

The rails travel through the Rocky Mountains. Passengers can ride for short trips from Banff to Jasper, passing through the wilderness.

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