Banff Holidays & Travel Guide



Banff (Photo by Adam Kahtava)

Banff is the larger of two towns in Banff National Park, Alberta, one of the most beautiful places in all of Canada, with Banff holidays becoming more and more popular. The town is only about one and a half hours on the western side of Calgary, Alberta’s capital city. Many people get about town on foot, and the convenient restaurants, the shops and other venues accept the US dollar as well as the Canadian dollar. Now, people of all walks of life who love nature enjoy Banff as the stopping point for visits into Banff National Park, and individuals and families find comfortable lodging, many things to see and do, and weather suitable for winter sports in winter and other outdoor sports in the summer.

Indeed, the climate is subarctic and has winter extreme lows of about -14 degrees Celsius, while summers reach a high of about 21 degrees Celsius. Plenty of snow falls during the cold months and the rugged slopes nearby are perfect for snowboarding and skiing. During the summer more wildlife can be seen and people enjoy hiking, boating, horseback riding, fishing and much more.

Some of the sites are available year around such as Banff Park Museum National Historic Site, the Banff Centre, and the Banff Gondola. The museum historic site is the place to see animals, and visitors can see bears up-close. The Banff Centre is a multimedia venue for performance and visual arts and other events. Then, the Banff Gondola takes passengers on a spectacular ride over Banff and the Canadian Rockies.

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